Report NumberTitle/Additional Documents
CRC Project RW-119 RFP

Review and Evaluation of EPA’s MOVES3 Model – (CRC Project No. RW-119)

DEADLINE:  October 29, 2021

CRC Project AVFL-39 RFP

Lube Effect on Catalyst and Gasoline Particulate Filter Aging – Literature Review – (CRC Project No. AVFL-39)

DEADLINE:  August 20, 2021

CRC Project E-136 RFP

Engine, Aftertreatment, and Fuel Quality Achievements to Lower Gasoline Vehicle PM Emissions: Literature Review and Future Prospects – (CRC Project No. E-136)

DEADLINE:  July 28, 2021

CRC Project SM-6 RFP

Evaluation of Hydrogen Fuel Cells as a Power Source for Electric Vehicle Charging – (CRC Project No. SM-6)

DEADLINE:  July 22, 2021

CRC Project SM-5 RFP

Research In Support of Future Fuel Specifications – (CRC Project No. SM-5)


CRC Project SM-4 RFP

Evaluation of the Use of EVs for Transient Grid Storage (V2G) on Battery Life – (CRC Project No. SM-4)

DEADLINE:  July 22, 2021

CRC Project SM-3 RFP

Evaluation of a Sample of Off-Highway Refueling Sites for Current and Potential Electrical Service to Support LD and HD EV Charging – (CRC Project No. SM-3)

DEADLINE:  July 22, 2021

CRC Project SM-2 RFP

Sustainability and Local Air Quality Impacts of Future Electrification and New Vehicle Emission Regulation Scenarios in the U.S – (CRC Project No. SM-2)

DEADLINE:  July 22, 2021

CRC Project E-135 RFP

“Tier 3 GDI Vehicle Technology Effects on Particle Emissions Operating with Different Fuels” (CRC Project No. E-135)

Q&A Document

Attachment B – Catalyst Sulphur Purge Cycle


DEADLINE: July 14th, 2021

UPDATED – CRC Project CM-138-21-1 RFP

UPDATED – “Driveability Index Relevance in Modern Gasolines and Vehicles”

DEADLINE: June 21, 2021.


CLOSED: CRC Real World Group 2022 Request for Proposals

2022 General Request for Proposals for the CRC Real World Group


DEADLINE: May 20, 2021.


CRC Project SM-1 RFP

Evaluate the Potential for Significant Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Internal Combustion Engines Operated on Liquid Fuels Over the 2021-2030 Time Period: Literature Review and Future Prospects” (CRC Project No. SM-1)

Questions and Answers (4/15/2021) LINK:  SM_1_QA_Apr 15_2021

The deadline for submission of your proposal has been extended by two weeks to May 10, 2021

CLOSED: CRC Project CM-138-20 RFP

Development of Automated Driveability Rating System Using Trick Car” (CRC Project No. CM-138-20


DEADLINE:  October 2, 2020.



CLOSED: Revised CRC Project CM-136-20 RFP

“Study of Modern Gasoline Oxidation Stability and Correlation Between and Precision Updates for Oxidation Stability Tests ASTM D525/ISO 7536/IP 40 and D7525”

DEADLINE: October 2, 2020.


CLOSED: CRC Project CM-136-18-1 RFP

“Port Fuel Injection (PFI) Intake Valve Deposit (IVD) Test Development”

Deadline: August 21, 2020



CLOSED: CRC Project CM-136-20 RFP

“Study of Modern Gasoline Oxidation Stability and Correlation Between and Precision Updates for Oxidation Stability Tests ASTM D525/ISO 7536/IP 40 and D7525”



CLOSED: CRC Project AV-29-20 RFP

“A Review of Current Experimental and Correlation Methods to Determine the Calorific Energy Content of Liquid Fuels”

Question #1

The title and deliverable “state energy content of liquid fuels” but (and I missed this point when reviewing!) should the scope only cover aviation liquid fuels (as per background description) or is it expected to cover grades for other applications (diesel, gasoline, marine fuels etc etc).  This needs clarifying.

Answer #1

The title was chosen to reflect the current Referee method in ASTM D1655:

‘ASTM D4809 Standard Test Method for Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter (Precision Method).’

Appreciate the observation that the focus is on aviation fuels but useful to emphasize that a broad review is required, rather than risk implying techniques must already be aviation specific


Deadline: July 17, 2020


Thermal and Electrical Properties of Lubricants for HEV/EV Applications

Deadline: May 7, 2020

CLOSED: CRC Project AV-28-19 RFP

Feasibility Analysis: Alternative Approaches to the Replacement of ASTM D909 Supercharge Rating



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