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2016 CRC Annual Report

Aviation Turbine Fuel Thermal Stability: 
Operational Question Data Set - Survey
CRC AVIATION AV-24-16 TS Project Panel


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Aviation Fuel Properties Handbook
2014 Fourth Edition - CRC Report No. 663



Upcoming Events:

28th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop
March 18-21, 2018
Hyatt Regency Orange County
Garden Grove, CA


Past Events:

2017 CRC Aviation Committee Meetings
May 1-4, 2017
Portland, OR

8th CRC Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop
Summary Report
EM Summary Article

February 13-15, 2017
Sacramento, CA

2nd CRC Advanced Fuels and Engine Efficiency Workshop

November 1-3, 2016

2016 CRC Aviation Committee Meetings
May 2-5, 2016
Embassy Suites Hotel, Alexandria, VA

26th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop
Summary Article
March 13-16, 2016
Hyatt Newport Beach, Newport Beach, CA

2016 CRC Air Quality Modeling Research Needs Workshop

February 9-10, 2016

2015 CRC Workshop on LCA of Transportation Fuels

October 26-28, 2015


CRC Research Program on Intermediate Ethanol Blends


Recent Final Reports

CRC Project E-116
Assessment of MOVES Model Evaporative Emission Inputs

CRC Project E-120
Assessment of Anthropogenic and Biogenic Secondary Organic
Aerosol (SOA) Source Apportionment

CRC Project E-94-2
Evaluation and Investigation of Fuel Effects on Gaseous
and Particulate Emissions on SIDI In-Use Vehicles

CRC Project No. A-100
Improvement of Default Inputs for MOVES and SMOKE-MOVES

A-100 Database and MOVES Tool Available for Download

CRC Project No. A-99
Contributions to US Ozone of US, non-US and Natural Emissions
Executive Summary

Discussions of the Draft Article at ACP

CRC Project A-89 APR Journal Link
A reduced form model for ozone based on two decades of CMAQ
simulations for the continental United States

CRC Project No. A-89-4
Properties of an Ozone Metamodel for the Continental United States

CRC Project A-102
Source-Sector Contributions to European Ozone and Fine PM
in 2010 Using AQMEII Modeling Data
Executive Summary

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link for A-102

CRC Report No. 671
Diesel Fuel Low Temperature Operability Guide (DP-2-15)

CRC Project No. AVFL-27
Heat of Vaporization Measurements
of Gasoline and Ethanol Blends
Phase 1, Parts A & B

CRC Project No. AVFL-17c
Thermal and Oxidative Instability in Biodiesel Blends
During Vehicle Use and Onboard Fuel Storage

CRC Project No. AVFL-23
Data Mining of FACE Diesel Engine Fuels

CRC Project No; E-88-3b
Follow-On Study of Transportation Fuel Life Cycle
Analysis: Review of Current CARB and EPA Estimates of
Land Use Change (LUC) Impacts

CRC Project No. E-101
Review of EPA's MOVES2014 Model

CRC Project No. A-95
Modeling Inter-Continental Transport of Ozone in North America with CAMx
for the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) Phase 3
Executive Summary

CRC Report No. A-96
PM2.5 Data Analysis and Modeling in the San Francisco Bay Area

CRC Report No. 672
Preventive Maintenance Guide for
Diesel Storage and Dispensing Systems

CRC Project No. E-106
On-Road Remote Sensing of Automobile Emissions in the Tulsa Area: Fall 2015

CRC Project No. A-97
Assessing and Improving the Isoprene Oxidation Mechanism
Executive Summary

CRC Project No. CM-138-15-1
Development of a Thermodynamics- Based Fundamental Model for Prediction
of Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Properties and Vehicle Driveability

CRC Report No. 670
The Effect of Biodiesel Impurities on Wax Settling in Low Temperature
Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles
CRC Project: DP-05-12

CRC Project DP-04-10
Internal Injector Deposits; Correlation of the Delphi Test Rig with Production Engines

CRC Project No. CM-138-13
Evaluation of an Automated Driveability Rating System (AVL-DRIVETM)

CRC Project No. AVFL-18a
Energy & Fuels Journal Article
Erratum to the AVFL-18a Energy & Fuels Journal Article
CanmetEnergy Internal Report for AVFL-18a

NIST Paper on Selected Surrogate Fuel Properties

CRC Project No. A-74/E-96 Phase 4
Linking Tailpipe to Ambient Executive Summary
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link

CRC Report No. AV-17-13
Carburetor Ice Test Methodology Evaluation

CRC Project No. A-103
Supplemental ZIP File

Preparing SMOKE-MOVES Inputs Using the AWS Environment

CRC Project No. AVFL-19a
Detailed Characterization of Physical and Chemical Properties of
Cellulosic Gasoline
and Cellulosic Gasoline Stocks

CRC Project A-76-3 JAWMA Journal Link
Source Apportionment of Emissions from Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles 
and Other Sources in the United States for Ozone and Particulate Matter

CRC Project E-114
Effects of Organometallic Additives on Gasoline Vehicles: Analysis of Existing Literature

CRC Project A-89
AE Journal Article

CRC Report No. A-89-1
Methods for Adjusting Biases in Ozone Model Outputs for
use in Attainment Demonstrations and Exposure