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2017 CRC Annual Report

Aviation Turbine Fuel Thermal Stability: 
Operational Question Data Set - Survey
CRC AVIATION AV-24-16 TS Project Panel


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Aviation Fuel Properties Handbook
2014 Fourth Edition - CRC Report No. 663



Upcoming Events:

29th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop
March 10-13, 2019
Renaissance Hotel
Long Beach, CA

Registration information coming soon!


2019 CRC Aviation Committee Meetings
April 29 - May 2, 2019
Marriott San Juan
San Juan PR


Past Events:

28th CRC Real World Emissions Workshop
Registration and Workshop Information
March 18-21, 2018
Hyatt Regency Orange County
Garden Grove, CA

2017 CRC Aviation Committee Meetings
May 1-4, 2017
Portland, OR

8th CRC Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop
Summary Report
EM Summary Article

February 13-15, 2017
Sacramento, CA

2nd CRC Advanced Fuels and Engine Efficiency Workshop

November 1-3, 2016



CRC Research Program on Intermediate Ethanol Blends


Recent Final Reports

CRC Project No. E-123
On-Road Remote Sensing of Automobile
Emissions in the Tulsa Area: Fall 2017

On-Road Remote Sensing of Automobile Emissions
in the Denver Area: Winter 2017

CRC Project E-123-3
Analyze Existing West LA Data set for On-Road
Evaporative Emissions

CRC Project DP-08-18 (CRC Report No. 673)
Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel Fuel Properties and Performance Review

CRC Project No. E-119-2
Hager Environmental and Atmospheric Technologies (HEAT)
and Denver University (DU) Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Data Mining

CRC Project No. AVFL-29
Enhanced Speciation of Gasoline

AVFL-29 Master Database

CRC Project No. E-122
Light Duty PEMS Validation / Chassis Dynamometer Correlation

CRC Project No. A-109
Air Quality Modeling of the Relationship Between Simulated PM2.5 in Response
to Varying Reductions of Ammonia Emissions over the South Coast Air Basin

Executive Summary

CRC Project No. A-105
Influence of NOx on Secondary Organic Aerosol and Ozone
Executive Summary

CRC Project E-123-2
Evaluation of Emissions Benefits of Federal Reformulated Gasoline
versus Conventional Gasoline

CRC Project E-94-3
Impacts of Splash-Blending on Particulate Emissions for SIDI Engines

E-94-3 Data Summary

CRC Project E-102-2
Review of Critical Parameters for Transportation Fuel Pathways

CRC Project E-119a
Fall 2016 On-Road Emissions Measurements in the Chicago Area:
Comparison of two University of Denver Remote Sensing Datasets

CRC Project No. E-99 JAS Journal Link
Very Low Particle Matter Mass Measurements from Light-Duty Vehicles

CRC Project CM-136-15-1
Investigation into Filter Plugging Due to Sulfate Salt Contamination of
Ethanol, Gasoline, and Gasoline-Ethanol Blends

CRC Project E-119
Remote Sensing of Automobiles Emissions in Rolling Meadows:
Fall 2016

CRC Project No. AVFL-28
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engine Wear Test Development

CRC Project No. A-106
Evaluating the Sensitivity of MOVES2014a to Local Start Activity Data
A-106 Supplemental Data

CRC Project No. E-99
Very Low PM Mass Measurements
Executive Summary

CRC Project No. AVFL-20
Effects of Octane Number, Sensitivity, Ethanol Content, and Engine Compression Ratio
on GTDI Engine Efficiency, Fuel Economy, and CO2 Emissions

CRC Project No. AV-22-15
Charge generation and dissipation in aviation
fuel handling with filter monitors

CRC Project No. A-110
Scoping Study for Rewrite of MOVES for Efficiency

CRC Project No. E-99-2
Very Low PM Mass Measurements Phase 2: Evaluation of Partial Flow Dilution
Executive Summary

CRC Project No. AV-23-15
Adequacy of Existing Test Methods for Aviation Jet Fuel and Additive Property Evaluation

CRC Project No. AV-19-14
Alternative Aviation Fuels – Water Solubility & Demulsibility Impact
Executive Summary

Journal Article

CRC Project E-106
On-Road Remote Sensing of Automobile Emissions in the Chicago Area: Fall 2016

Journal Article

CRC Project A-101
Air Quality Modeling of the Relationship Between Projected Ozone and PM
Trends and Changes in Precursor Relationships in the South Coast Air
Basin in Response to Varying Reductions of Precursor Emissions

CRC Project E-116
Assessment of MOVES Model Evaporative Emission Inputs

CRC Project E-120
Assessment of Anthropogenic and Biogenic Secondary Organic
Aerosol (SOA) Source Apportionment

CRC Project E-94-2
Evaluation and Investigation of Fuel Effects on Gaseous
and Particulate Emissions on SIDI In-Use Vehicles

E-94-2 Data Summary

CRC Project No. A-100
Improvement of Default Inputs for MOVES and SMOKE-MOVES

A-100 Database and MOVES Tool Available for Download

CRC Project No. A-99
Contributions to US Ozone of US, non-US and Natural Emissions
Executive Summary

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link for A-99

CRC Project A-89 APR Journal Link
A reduced form model for ozone based on two decades of CMAQ
simulations for the continental United States

CRC Project No. A-89-4
Properties of an Ozone Metamodel for the Continental United States

CRC Project A-102
Source-Sector Contributions to European Ozone and Fine PM
in 2010 Using AQMEII Modeling Data
Executive Summary

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link for A-102

CRC Report No. 671
Diesel Fuel Low Temperature Operability Guide (DP-2-15)

CRC Project No. AVFL-27
Heat of Vaporization Measurements
of Gasoline and Ethanol Blends
Phase 1, Parts A & B

CRC Project No. AVFL-17c
Thermal and Oxidative Instability in Biodiesel Blends
During Vehicle Use and Onboard Fuel Storage

CRC Project No. AVFL-23
Data Mining of FACE Diesel Engine Fuels

CRC Project No; E-88-3b
Follow-On Study of Transportation Fuel Life Cycle
Analysis: Review of Current CARB and EPA Estimates of
Land Use Change (LUC) Impacts