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The 11th CRC Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSAT) Workshop

February 13-14, 2024
Riverside, CA 

The 11th Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop will take place in Riverside, CA, on February 13th and 14th, 2024.  The 2024 workshop continues a 20-year biennial tradition aimed at sharing research to better understand the impacts of MSATs on air quality and exposures.  It seeks to examine recent research findings and future needs as the mobile source sector continues to evolve and transform.  We welcome abstracts highlighting new and novel research in topics relating to:

Policy, Regulatory Opportunities, and Accountability

What MSAT issues are of greatest concern to the regulatory community? How are MSATs influenced by ZEV requirements, low carbon fuel regulations, PM standards, and other new policies?   How effective have past emissions control measures been in reducing MSATs? How can we assess the effectiveness of current and future regulations? What additional work is needed to address current issues, data and information gaps, and emerging issues associated with low carbon fuel and ZEV requirements?

Measurements and Modeling of Vehicle Emissions of MSATs

How effective are advanced emissions control systems in reducing MSATs? How does fuel composition impact emissions of MSATs? What types and quantities of MSATs are released from brake and tire wear? How effectively are MSATs treated in vehicle emissions models? What MSAT measurement issues require additional work?

Air Quality and Exposure Measurements and Modeling of MSATs

What exposures to MSATs have been measured near roadways and in other hot-spots? How do non-road sources contribute to MSAT exposures? What is known about atmospheric transformation of MSATs?  How are MSATs handled in chemical mechanisms? What modeling approaches are used to estimate MSAT exposures at different scales? How are exposure modeling results verified? How are potential impacts of climate change upon MSATs assessed?

MSATs from battery electric, hydrogen and alternative fuel vehicles: Energy production and storage

How will vehicle electrification affect MSAT emissions? How will electricity generation for BEVs and PHEVs impact MSATs?  What role will mining of lithium and other necessary metals and battery manufacturing have on MSAT exposures?  What is the comparative life-cycle MSAT impact of battery electric, fuel cell, and bio / e-fuel powered vehicles?

The 2022 MSAT Virtual Workshop was attended by 132 participants and was co-sponsored by the California Air Resources Board, the EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and the Health Effects Institute. 

We are still accepting Abstracts at this time.

Abstract applications should be submitted following the guidelines below using the template in the link. 

While we will do our best to fit your talk into the workshop agenda, it is possible that not all submissions can be accommodated.  In this case your abstract may be invited as a poster presentation.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Each abstract submission must include:

  • Primary Topic Area — Select among the topic areas listed.
  • Contact Information
  • Biography — Limited to several sentences for the chair to introduce the intended speaker
  • Speaker Information — Identify if the submitter is not the intended speaker
  • Title of Talk or Abstract

To be considered to present at the 11th MSAT Workshop, submit your abstract by clicking the “Submit Your Abstract” link below. You must use the abstract template linked below.




Review Process

Abstracts are evaluated based on content, originality, and relevance to the workshop.   Presentations can describe works in progress or even planned work if the project is of sufficient scope and relevance.  Preference for platform presentations is given to those containing new research results.  Presentations should not be of a marketing or promotional nature. 

Important Dates and Deadlines to Remember:

  • November 15, 2023 — Abstract and Biography Deadline
  • December 1, 2023 — Notices of Acceptances
  • February 5, 2024 — Submit electronic presentation file
  • February 13-14, 2024 — MSAT Workshop

Registration will be available shortly on the CRC Website. A preliminary agenda is expected to be posted in January 2024. Please forward this message to any interested parties.

The Coordinating Research Council assumes the right to publish or reproduce submitted abstracts and all presentations given at the MSAT Workshop on the CRC website and in conference proceedings and to summarize the materials in articles for other publications. 

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