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Characterization and Evolution of Secondary Aerosols During PM2.5 and PM10 Episodes in the
South Coast Air Basin

(CRC Project No. A-22)
Objective: The objective of this project is to cooperate with California agencies during their South Coast Oxidant Study in 1997 (SCOS97) to provide additional measurements of aerosols.
NTIS Accession No. Contractor
Reports: Automated Fine-Particle Nitrate and PM 2.5 FRM Measurements for Secondary Aerosol Characterization During SCOS'97 PB2000-100224 Aerosol Dynamics, Inc.
(August 1999)
Characterization and Evolution of Primary and Secondary Aerosols During PM2.5 amd PM10 Episodes in the South Coast Air Basin PB2001-101592 California Inst. of Technology
(Sept 2000)

If requesting a report, please note the report title, project number, and NTIS accession number.

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