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CRC Project No. CM-138-16-2
Appendix I
Appendix II

Appendix III
Appendix IV
Appendix V
Appendix VI
Comparison of Ambient Temperatures from ‘Doner Report’ to
Modern Day Ambient Temperatures for the Same Geographic Areas

CRC Project No. CM-138-17-1
Computer Controlled Poor Driveability on Demand Training Vehicle

CRC Project DP-08-18 (CRC Report No. 673)
Renewable Hydrocarbon Diesel Fuel Properties and Performance Review

CRC Project CM-136-15-1
Investigation into Filter Plugging Due to Sulfate Salt Contamination of
Ethanol, Gasoline, and Gasoline-Ethanol Blends

CRC Project CM-138-16-1
Literature Review and OEM/Test House Interviews on Alternatives for
Determining Demerits of Vehicle Performance

CRC Report No. 671
Diesel Fuel Low Temperature Operability Guide (DP-2-15)

CRC Report No. 672
Preventive Maintenance Guide for
Diesel Storage and Dispensing Systems

CRC Project No. CM-138-15-1
Development of a Thermodynamics- Based Fundamental Model for Prediction
of Gasoline/Ethanol Blend Properties and Vehicle Driveability

CRC Report No. 670
The Effect of Biodiesel Impurities on
Wax Settling in Low Temperature
Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles
CRC Project: DP-05-12

CRC Project DP-04-10
Internal Injector Deposits; Correlation of the Delphi Test Rig with Production Engines

CRC Project No. CM-138-13
Evaluation of an Automated Driveability Rating System (AVL-DRIVETM)

CRC Report No. 668
2014 CRC Hot-Fuel-Handling Program

CRC Report No. 667
Diesel Fuel Storage and Handling Guide

CRC Project No. CM-138-12-1
Final Report
Supplemental Information
A Risk analysis / Hazard Assessment of High Ethanol Content Fuels at Service Stations

CRC Project No. DP-07-13
ULSD Corrosion Study
Screening Criteria for Site Selection (1 July 2014)

CRC Project PC-2-12
Natural Gas Vehicle Fuel Survey
Station Photographs

CRC Report No. 666
2013 CRC Intermediate-Temperature E15 Cold-Start and
Warm-Up Vehicle Driveability Program

CRC Project No. DP-04-13 a (CRC Report No. 665)
Internal Diesel Injector Deposits

CRC Project No. DP-04-13b
Internal Injector Deposits:
A Scoping Study to Evaluate the Delphi Test Rig

CRC Report CM-137-11-1b
Review to Determine the Benefits of Increasing Octane Number on
Gasoline Engine Efficiency: Analysis and Recommendations - Tasks 2-5

CRC Report No. DP-04
Scoping Study to Evaluate Two Rig Tests for Internal Injector Sticking

CRC Report No. CM-136-09-1B
Intermediate-Level Ethanol Blends Engine Durability Study

CRC Report No. CM-137-11-1
Review to Determine the Benefits of Increasing Octane Number
on Gasoline Engine Efficiency: Task 1

CRC Report No. 661
Mathematical Prediction of Flammability of Ethanol-Containing Fuels
August 2011

CRC Report No. 660
Fuel Antiknock Quality-Engine Response to RON versus MON - Scoping Tests        

CRC Report No. 659
2010 CRC Altitude Hot-Fuel-Handling Program

CRC Report No. 658
2009-2010 CRC/ASTM Hot-Fuel-Handling Program
(For Classes D-4 and E-5 Gasoline)
October 2010

CRC Report No. 656
Biodiesel Blend Low-Temperature Performance Validation
June 2010

CRC Report No. 654
2008 CRC Cold-Start and Warmup E85 Cold Ambient
Temperature Driveability Program
July 2009

CRC Report No. 655
Diesel Fuel Lubricity Requirements for LDD Vehicles
June 2009

CRC Report No. 653
Silver Fuel Level Sensor Corrosion Program

CRC Report No. 652
2008 CRC COld-Start and Warmup E85 and E15/E20 Driveability Program

CRC Report No. 650
Biodiesel Blend Low-Temperature Performance Validation
CRC Project: DP-2a-07
June 2008

CRC Report No. 649
Evaluation of Low Temperature Operability Performance of Light-Duty Diesel
Vehicles for North America
CRC Project No. DP-2-04-1
Evaluation of Low Temperature Operability Performance of Light-Duty Diesel
Vehicles for North America
CRC Project No. DP-2-04-2
November 2007

CRC Report CM-136-00
Report on the Work of the CEC/CRC/OACIS Task Force on the
Development of a Test Method to Evaluate Fuel Quality with Respect
to Injector Fouling in Direct Injection Gasoline Engines

CRC Report No. 648
2006 CRC Hot-Fuel-Handling Program 

CRC Report No. 643
Critique of and Recommendations for the CRC Octane Acceleration Technique

CRC Report No. 644
Combustion Chamber Deposit Research Tool Development, Part 2
Engine Dynamometer Testing

CRC Report No. 645
2005 CRC Hybrid Driveability Workshop

CRC Report No. 646
Port Fuel Injector Fouling using the PFI Bench Rig – Evaluation of Florida Gasoline, OEM Injectors, and Deposit Control Additives

CRC Report No. 640
2001 CRC Hot-Fuel-Handling Program Follow-Up Study

CRC Report No. 638
2003 CRC Intermediate-Temperature Volatility Program

CRC Report No. 630
Combustion Chamber Deposit Research Tool Development
Part 1 - Vehicle Deposits and Emissions

CRC Report No. 629
2001 CRC Hot-Fuel Handling Program

CRC Project CM-118-01
A Vehicle Tank Fuel Flush Effectiveness
Evaluation Program