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CRC Project AV-23-15/17
Review of Existing Test Methods Used for Aviation Jet Fuel and Additive Property Evaluations with Respect to Alternative Fuel Compositions

CRC Project AV-18-17
The Quality of Aviation Fuel available in the United Kingdom Annual survey 2014

CRC Project No. AV-22-15
Charge generation and dissipation in aviation
fuel handling with filter monitors

CRC Project No. AV-19-14
Alternative Aviation Fuels – Water Solubility & Demulsibility Impact
Executive Summary
Journal Article

Panel AV-24-16 - Guide from Marathon Petroleum
Marathon Petroleum Troubleshooting Guide for Jet Fuel Thermal Stability

CRC Report No. AV-17-13
Carburetor Ice Test Methodology Evaluation

CRC Report AV-18-14
The quality of aviation fuel available in the United
Kingdom - Annual surveys 2009 to 2013

CRC Report AV-14-11
Aviation Turbine Fuel Lubricity - A Review

Aviation Fuel Properties Handbook
2014 Fourth Edition - CRC Report No. 663

CRC Report AV-16-11
Studies of Scanning Brookfield Viscometry as a Replacement for
Freezing Point in Aviation Fuel Specifications

CRC Report AV-01-10
Update of the Survey of Sulfur Levels in Commercial Jet Fuel

CRC Report AV-10-09
Jet Fuel “Aromatics Effects” and
“Distillation Slope” Research Survey

CRC Report AV-12-10
Properties of Russian Jet Fuels

CRC Report AV-03-04
Diesel Lubricity Additive Effect on Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidative Stability with Supplementary Information on Fatty Acid Methyl Ester and Jet Engine Nozzle Performance

CRC Report AV-09-09
Initial Development of an Advanced Test Method for Jet Fuel Identification
and Characterization, Phase 1

CRC Report AV-11-09
Develop an Aviation Fuel Cold Flowability Test to Replace Freezing Point Measurement

CRC Report No. 657
Revised May 2011
Investigation of Reduced TEL Content in Commercial 100LL AVGAS (CRC Project CA-67-2010)

CRC Report AV-6-06
Metal Deactivator Additive (MDA) Impacts on Thermal Stability

CRC Report AV-7-07
Research Results Unleaded High Octane Aviation Gasoline
(Note: large file ~11mb)

CRC Report AV-1-04
Survey of Sulfur Levels in Commercial Jet Fuel

CRC Report AV-2-04a
Comparative Evaluation of Semi-Synthetic Jet Fuels

Executive Summary
CRC Research Results-Unleaded High Octane Aviation Gasoline

CRC Report AV-04-04
Sensors to Measure Particulates and Dirt in Fuel
Delivery Systems: OEM Survey, Practices and Requirements

CRC Report AV-2-04
Development of the Protocol for Acceptance of
Synthetic FUels Under Commercial Specification

CRC Report No. 647
CRC Aviation Committee - World Fuel Sampling Program
Available for Purchase - $150 - eCopy
Order here from CRC

CRC Report No. 642
Investigation of Pipeline Drag Reducers in Aviation Turbine Fuels

CRC Report No. 639
Jet Fuel Contamination with Diesel Fuel Dyes

Full-Scale Engine Knock Tests of 30 Unleaded, High-Octane Blends
FAA-CRC Unleaded AVGAS Development Group Report

CRC Report No. 635
Handbook of Aviation Fuel Properties
Available for Purchase - $179 includes Hardcopy and CD
Order here from CRC

CRC Report No. 632
Water Separation Methods Study