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Atmospheric Impacts


CRC Project No. A-100
Improvement of Default Inputs for MOVES and SMOKE-MOVES
A-100 Database and MOVES Tool Available for Download

CRC Project No. A-99
Contributions to US Ozone of US, non-US and Natural Emissions
Executive Summary

CRC Project A-102
Source-Sector Contributions to European Ozone and Fine PM
in 2010 Using AQMEII Modeling Data
Executive Summary
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link for A-102

CRC Project No. A-95
Modeling Inter-Continental Transport of Ozone in North America with CAMx
for the Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) Phase 3
Executive Summary

CRC Project No. A-96
PM2.5 Data Analysis and Modeling in the San Francisco Bay Area

CRC Project A-89 APR Journal Link
A reduced form model for ozone based on two decades of CMAQ
simulations for the continental United States

CRC Project No. A-89-4
Properties of an Ozone Metamodel for the Continental United States

CRC Project No. A-97
Assessing and Improving the Isoprene Oxidation Mechanism
Executive Summary

Atmospheric Environment Journal Link for A-97

CRC Project No. A-74/E-96 Phase 4
Linking Tailpipe to Ambient Executive Summary

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Journal Link

CRC Project No. A-103
Supplemental ZIP File
Preparing SMOKE-MOVES Inputs Using the AWS Environment

CRC Project A-76-3
JAWMA Journal Article

CRC Project A-78 Oxford University Press Link to Order
The Mechanisms of Reactions Influencing Atmospheric Ozone

CRC Project A-89
AE Journal Article

CRC Report No. A-89-1
Methods for Adjusting Biases in Ozone Model Outputs for
use in Attainment Demonstrations and Exposure

CRC Report No. A-89-2
Using Uncertain Regional Air Quality Model Outputs for
Ozone Source Apportionment

CRC Report No. A-89-3
Metamodel Demonstration: Effects of Mobile Source
Reductions on Ozone Trends in the Northeast US

CRC Project A-87
Volume 1 AE Journal Article

CRC Project A-92
2015 Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop Summary

CRC Project A-85
Ozone Modeling Predictions Sensitivity to Speciation of Exhaust VOC Emissions

CRC Project A-90
Executive Summary
ES&T Journal Link
Apportionment of Ozone Above the Background Concentration to Emissions Sources

CRC Project A-91
 Projected Ozone Trends and Changes in the Ozone-Precursor Relationship in the South Coast Air Basin in Response to Varying Reductions of Precursor Emissions
Journal of Air and Waste Management Link for A-91

CRC Project A-87-2
Dynamic Evaluation of 2006-2010 Ozone Trends in AQMEII-2 North American Domain Simulations

CRC Project A-88
MOVES Input Improvements for the 2011 NEI

CRC Report: A-86
Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program Air Emissions Effects

CRC Project A-83
Sensitivity of Atmospheric Models to Rate Terms within Complex Chemical Mechanisms
Atmospheric Environment Journal Link for A-83

CRC Project E-98/A-80
Exhaust Emissions of Average Fuel Composition


CRC Project No. A-74/E-96 Phases 1-3
Linking Tailpipe to Ambient Executive Summary
Database: On-Road Vehicle Emissions Data
Database: On-Road Vehicle Fleet
Database: POA Gas-Particle Partitioning Data
Database: Small Off-Road Engine Data
Database: SOA Data

CRC Project No. A-88
Evaluation of Data Sources for Improving NEI Inputs
A-88 Task 1 Memo
Truck Stop Database Memo
Truck Stop Database

A-88 Task 2 Memo
Age Distribution Cars Database
Age Distribution Trucks Database
Population Database
Long Haul Short Haul Database
State County FIPS Key

CRC Report No. A-84
Study of MOVES Information for theNational Emissions Inventory
TRB Paper No. 14-2898

CRC Report No. A-73-1
Development of Inventory and Speciation Inputs for Representing Ethanol Blends

CRC Report No. A-76-2 Task 1
Effects of Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions on Ozone and PM
with Past, Present, and Future Controls: Tier 0 versus Other Scenarios

CRC Report No. A-76-2 Task 2
Trends in on-road vehicle emissions and ambient air quality in Atlanta, Georgia, USA,
from the late 1990s through 2009
Journal of Air and Waste Management Link for A-76-2 Task 2

CRC Report No. A-79
Assessment of Near-Roadway NO2 Concentrations

CRC Report No. A-76-1
Effects of Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions on Ozone and PM
with Past, Present, and Future Controls
Atmospheric Environment Journal Link for A-76-1

CRC Report No. A-75-1
Modeling Europe with CAMx for Phase I
of the Air Quality Model Evaluation Internatinal Initiative (AQMEII)

CRC Report No. A-75-2
Modeling Europe with CAMx for Phase II
of the Air Quality Model Evaluation Internatinal Initiative (AQMEII)
Atmospheric Environment Journal Link for A-75

CRC Report No. A-69-1
Regional Modeling of Weekday/Weekend Ozone Changes in the Midwestern US

CRC Report No. A-67
Model Suite to Estimate Ozone and PM from fuel Reformulation

CRC Report No. A-65
Accuracy of Regional Simulations of Background Ozone and Particulate Matter

CRC Report No. A-62-1 and A-62-2
Impact of Reactive Halogen Species in California Coastal Areas
Final Report
Final Report Figures

CRC Report No. A-64
Evaluation of CAMx Probing Tools for Particulate Matter
For User's Guide, contact Jan Tucker

CRC Report No. A-70
Trajectory Grid Transport Algorithm in CMAQ

CRC Report No. A-60
Organic Aerosol Spatial/Temporal Patterns:
Perspectives of Measurements and Model

CRC Report No. A-66
Current Understanding of Ultra Fine Particulate Matter
Emitted from Mobile Sources

CRC Report A-56
Modeling Weekday/Weekend Emissions and Ozone

in the Los Angeles Basin for 1997 and 2010

CRC Report A-61
Feasibility of Using Satellite Data in Air Quality Modeling

CRC Report A-63
Speed Enhancements for CAMx Probing Tools

CRC Report No. A-57
Analysis of Particulate Nitrate and Black Carbon Time Series

CRC Report No. A-54-2
Trends in Western O3 and PM and Their Relationship
to Fires and Meteorological Variables

CRC Report No. A-55
Implementation of the Trajectory-Grid Advection Algorithm in CMAQ

CRC Report No. A-51a/b
Implementing the Decoupled Direct Method for Sensitivity Analysis
in a Particulate Matter Air Quality Model

CRC Report No. A-49/3
Modeling the Weekday/Weekend Differences of Air Toxics

CRC Report No. A-59
Investigative Modeling of New Pathways for Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation

CRC Report No. A-49, Task 2
Weekday/Weekend Differences in Concentrations of Air Toxics
in New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; and Houston, TX

CRC Report No. A-46, Phase 2
(Large file ~14mb)
Improving Fine Grid Meteorological Simulations for Air Quality Applications

CRC Report No. A-54
Influence of Inter-Continental Transport on Background O3 and PM Concentrations in the United States: Final Report - Phase 1

CRC Report No. A-40-2
Application of CAMx and CMAQ Models to the August-September, 1997 SCOS Episode

CRC Report No.  A-34
Evaluating VOC Receptor Models Using Grid-Model Simulations

CRC Report No. A-49
Air Toxics Modeling - Current Status, Challenges and Prospects

CRC Report No. A-47
Weekday/Weekend Differences in Ambient Ozone and Particulate
Matter Concentrations in Atlanta and the Southeastern United States

CRC Report No. A-44
Performance Evaluation of Four Air Quality Models Applied for an
Annual Simulation of PM Over the Western United States

CRC Report No. A-44a/b
Annual PM Modeling and Analysis of Episode Aggregation Uncertainties
for Annual Average PM2.5 and Visibility Modeling 

CRC Report No. A-46
Improving Fine Grid Meteorological
Simulations for Air Quality Applications

CRC Report No. A-48 (updated from Aug. 9, 2004 version)
Exploratory Data Analysis of Benzene and 1,3-Butadiene
Measurements for Air Toxics Risk Assessment in Houston

CRC Report No. A-40-1
Performance Evaluation of CMAQ and PM-CAMx
for the July 1999 SOS Episode

CRC Report No. A-41
A Study of the Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation
Potentials of Important Compounds in the Atmosphere

CRC Report No. A-38 (8.36 MB)
Impact of Updates to On-Road Mobile Sources Emission Factor Models (EMFAC) for the Los Angeles Region:  Ozone Model Sensitivity and Ambient/Inventory Reconciliation

CRC Report No. A-37-2
Guidance on the Application of CAMx Probing Tools

CRC Report No. A-43c
Trends in Ambient NOx and Particulate Nitrate
Concentrations in California, 1980-2000

CRC Report No. A-30 Final Report
Development of an Advanced Photochemical
Model for Particulate Matter:  PMCAMx
For more information on the CAMx model:

CRC Report No. A-12
A Numerical and Analytical Investigation of Meteorological Characteristics Over the
Northeastern United States During Episodes of Poor Air Quality

CRC Report No. A-24 & A-35A
Photochemical Modeling Study of the July 1995 NARSTO-NE Episode
Title Page
Executive Summary

CRC Report No. A-42-2
Development, Application, and Evaluation of an Advanced Photochemical
Air Toxics Modeling System

CRC Report No. A-42-1
Air Toxics Modeling

CRC Report No. A-37-1
Evaluation of Probing Tools Implemented in CAMx

CRC Report No. A-28
Evaluation of a Meteorological Model for Inter-Regional Transport

CRC Report No. A-39
Improvement of Numerical Solutions for Aerosol Condensation Equations

CRC Report No. A-36-A1
Proximate Modeling of Weekday/Weekend Ozone
Differences in Los Angeles

CRC Report No. A-29
Source Sensitivity and Source Attribution of Ozone-Executive Summary
Paper 1:  The Decoupled Direct Method for Sensitivity Analysis in a Three-Dimensional Air Quality Model-Implementation, Accuracy, and Efficiency

Paper 2:  A Comparison of Souce Apportionment and Source Sensitivity of Ozone in a Three-Dimensional Air Quality Model

CRC Report No. A-27
The Mechanisms of Atmospheric Oxidation of the Aromatic Hydrocarbons

CRC Project No. A-43a
Part 1
Part 2
Analysis of Weekday/Weekend Differences in Ambient Particulate Nitrate Concentrations and Formation in Southern California

CRC Report A-23
Contribution of Biogenic Emissions to the Formation of Ozone and Particulate Matter:Modeling Studies in the Nashville, TN and NE Domains
Phase 2 Report

CRC Report A-36-B
Data Analysis for a Better Understanding
of the Weekday/Weekend Ozone and PM Differences
Final Report
Appendices A-C
Appendices D