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Advanced Vehicle/Fuel/Lubricants Reports

CRC Project No. AVFL-18a-1
Autoignition Study of CRC Diesel Surrogates in a Rapid Compression Machine
AVFL-18a-1 Supplemental Data

CRC Project No. AVFL-29
Enhanced Speciation of Gasoline
AVFL-29 Master Database

CRC Project No. AVFL-28
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Engine Wear Test Development

CRC Project No. AVFL-20
Effects of Octane Number, Sensitivity, Ethanol Content, and Engine Compression Ratio
on GTDI Engine Efficiency, Fuel Economy, and CO2 Emissions

CRC Project No. AVFL-27
Heat of Vaporization Measurements
of Gasoline and Ethanol Blends
Phase 1, Parts A & B

CRC Project No. AVFL-17c
Thermal and Oxidative Instability in Biodiesel Blends
During Vehicle Use and Onboard Fuel Storage

CRC Project No. AVFL-23
Data Mining of FACE Diesel Engine Fuels

CRC Project No. AVFL-18a
Energy & Fuels Journal Article
Erratum to the AVFL-18a Energy & Fuels Journal Article
GCxGC Studies of Palette Compounds - CanmetEnergy Internal Report for AVFL-18a
NIST Paper on Selected Surrogate Fuel Properties

CRC Project No. AVFL-19a
Detailed Characterization of Physical and Chemical Properties of Cellulosic
Gasoline and Cellulosic Gasoline Stocks

CRC Project No. AVFL-17b
Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Characterization and Testing
in Modern LD Diesel Passenger Cars and Trucks

CRC Project No. AVFL-24
FACE Gasolines and Blends with Ethanol:
Detailed Characterization of Physical and Chemical Properties

CRC Report No. AVFL-19-2
Advanced Alternative and Renewable Diesel Fuels: Detailed Characterization
of Physical and Chemical Properties

CRC Report No. AVFL-15a (CRC Report No. 664)
Durability of Fuel Pumps and Fuel Level Senders in Neat and Aggressive E15
Appendices A1-A6
Appendices A7-A12

CRC Report No. AVFL-19-1
Detailed Characterization of the Physical and Chemical Properties
of the Reformulated FACE Diesel Fuels: FD2B, FD4B, and FD7B

CRC Report No. AVFL-16
Fuels to Enable Light-Duty Diesel Advanced Combustion Regimes

CRC Report No. AVFL-18
Energy & Fuels Journal Article

CRC Report No. AVFL-15 (CRC Report No. 662)
Durability of Automotive Fuel System Components Exposed to E20

CRC Report No. AVFL-14
Collaborative Lubricating Oil Study on Emissions [CLOSE]

CRC Report No. AVFL-17a
Investigation of Biodiesel Chemistry, Carbon Footprint and Regional Fuel Quality

CRC Report No. FACE-1
Chemical and Physical Properties of the Fuels for
Advanced Combustion Engines (FACE) Research Diesel Fuels

CRC Report No. AVFL-13c
Analysis of the Effects of Fuel Chemistry and Properties on HCCI Engine Operation
Using a PCA Representation of Fuels

CRC Report No. AVFL-18a
Recent Progress in the Development of Diesel Surrogate Fuels

CRC Report No. AVFL-13b
Ethanol Effects on Gasoline-Like HCCI Combustion
Appendix E
Appendix F

CRC Report No. AVFL-17
Investigation of Biodistillates as Potential Blendstocks for Transportation Fuels

CRC Report No. AVFL-7a
Novel Techniques for NOx Reduction in an Oxidative Environment

CRC Report AVFL-10c
Diesel Exhaust Standard Development: Phase 3

CRC Report AVFL-2b
Characterization of Biodiesel Oxidation and Oxidation Products

CRC Report No. AVFL-13
This report has been revised since its release. Click here for details.

Fuel Chemistry Impacts in Gasoline HCCI

Appendix A Literature Search

Appendix B Summary Plots

Appendix C Fuel Analysis

Appendix D Models

CRC Report No. AVFL-2a
Impact of Biodiesel on Fuel System Component Durability

CRC Report No. AVFL-2b Task 1
Characterization of Biodiesel Oxidation and Oxidation Products

CRC Report No. AVFL-10b
Diesel Exhaust Standard - Phase II

CRC Report No. AVFL-10b-2
Hydrocarbon Species in the Exhaust of Diesel Engines
Equipped with Advanced Emissions Control Devices

CRC Report No. AVFL-11
The Effect of Fuel Cetane Quality on Light-Duty Diesel Performance
Committee Summary
Final Report

CRC Report No. AVFL-10a
Diesel Exhaust Standard Phase I

CRC Report No. AVFL-3
Evaluation of Emission Characteristics Downstream of
Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Technology
Final Report

CRC Report No AVFL-12a
Cold-Start and Warm-up Driveability Performance of Hybrid Electric
Vehicles Using Oxygenate Fuels:  Piggyback Project to the Volatility Group Intermediate-Temperature Program

CRC Report No. AVFL-7
Literature Survey to Assess the State-of-the-Art of Selective
Catalytic Reduction of Vehicle NOx Emissions

CRC Report No. AVFL-2
Operability and Compatibility Characteristics of Advanced
Technology Diesel Fuels