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CRC Research Program
on Intermediate Ethanol Blends

Who is CRC?  - The CRC Research Process

CRC Open Letter

Interim Reports and Summaries of Ongoing Research
(Final reports can be found under Publications or below)

E-85 / E-85-2 / E-85-3 National Surveys of E85 / Flex Fuel Quality

Summary of CRC Research Program
on Intermediate Ethanol Blends

Status Report: "E-90-2b Effect of Ethanol Fuel upon OBD-II Systems:
Vehicle Test Phase"

E15/E20 Tolerance of In-Use Vehicle OBD-II Systems (5/5/2010)
(see E-90 Final Report)


Related Final Reports

AVFL Committee

CRC Report No. AVFL-15a (CRC Report No. 664)
Durability of Fuel Pumps and Fuel Level Senders in Neat and Aggressive E15
Appendices A1-A6
Appendices A7-A12

CRC Report No. AVFL-15 (CRC Report No. 662)
Durability of Automotive Fuel System Components Exposed to E20

Emissions Committee

CRC Report No. E-91
Evaporative Emissions Durability Testing

CRC Report: E-90-2b
Impact of Ethanol Blends on OBDII Systems of In-Use Vehicles

CRC Report: E-80
Exhaust and Evaporative Emissions Testing of Flexible-Fuel Vehicles
Program Data

CRC Report: E-90-2a
Evaluation of Inspection and Maintenance OBD II Data
to Identify Vehicles That May Be Sensitive to E10+ Blends

CRC Report: E-77-2c
Study to Determine Evaporative Emission Breakdown, including
Permeation Effects and Diurnal Emissions, Using E20 Fuels on Aging
Enhanced Evaporative Emissions Certified Vehicles

CRC Report: E-77-2b
Evaporative Emissions Breakdown Including Permeation Effects and
Diurnal Emissions on Aging Advanced Evaporative Emissions Certified Vehicles
This report can currently be found at this site:

CRC Report: E-77-2
Enhanced Evaporative Emission Vehicles

CRC Report: E-90
Impact of E15/E20 Blends on OBDII Systems -- Pilot Study

CRC Report: E-87-1
Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Catalyst Durability Study Screening

CRC Report E-74b
Effects of Vapor Pressure, Oyxgen Content, and Temperature on CO Exhaust Emissions

CRC Report E-84
Review of Prior Studies of Fuel Effects on Vehicle Emissions

CRC Report E-77 Pilot Study
Vehicle Evaporative Emission Mechanisms: A Pilot Study
E-77 Companion Data Files

CRC Report No. E-65-3
Fuel Permeation from Automotive Systems: E0, E6, E10, E20, and E85

CRC Report No. E-74a
Examination of Temperature and RVP Effects on CO Emissions
in EPA's Certification Database

CRC Project No. E-65
Fuel Permeation from Automotive Systems
(A CD containing data and details of the program is available from CRC upon request.  Please contact Betty Taylor.)

Performance Committee

CRC Report No. CM-136-09-1B
Intermediate-Level Ethanol Blends Engine Durability Study

CRC Report No. 659
2010 CRC Altitude Hot-Fuel-Handling Program

CRC Report No. 658
2009-2010 CRC/ASTM Hot-Fuel-Handling Program
(For Classes D-4 and E-5 Gasoline)
October 2010

CRC Report No. 654
2008 CRC Cold-Start and Warmup E85 Cold Ambient
Temperature Driveability Program
July 2009

CRC Report No. 652
2008 CRC COld-Start and Warmup E85 and E15/E20 Driveability Program