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Aviation Turbine Fuel Thermal Stability: 
Operational Question Data Set - Survey
CRC AVIATION AV-24-16 TS Project Panel

Explanation of Survey and Effort

Over the last 2-3 years, there has been an increase in the number of batches of jet fuel that do not meet the ASTM D1655 D3241 (“JFTOT”) thermal stability specification at pre-airfield terminals or airport depots.  The product in question does meet certification at the production point, but appears to degrade with time or as it moves through the fungible distribution system. 
The number and severity of these failures have caused supply chain and end user issues.  A number of failure mechanisms and the factors involved in causing those failures are being investigated by the Coordinating Research Council Aviation Fuels Committee CRC Aviation AV-24-16 TS Project Panel.  To support this activity the project panel is seeking wider industry contributions to the attached survey, looking at both problematic and trouble-free jet fuels.

The survey is an operational question set designed to provide information needed to identify a number of the possible factors/variables that may contribute to the jet fuel stability concerns. 
The survey is designed to collect baseline data necessary for the continued investigation into this industry concern.  The survey and survey process is designed to ensure the anonymity of those who participate.  The survey questions should be answered by the company coordinating the incident mitigation.

The CRC and the Project Panel Members would like to stress the importance of industry participation in collecting this data.  The complexity of this issue and the negative impacts experienced are hurdles that can only be overcome by the widespread acceptance and participation in this effort. 

The CRC Aviation AV-24-16 TS Project Panel would like to thank you in advance for your support!

Any questions may be forwarded to Jan Tucker ( 

Operational Question Data Set – Survey: